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Bemer Therapy For Horses


BEMER (Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Reactivator) is a Revolutionary and Innovative Technology, that uses PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field through wavelengths) to carry the patented BEMER signal (waves) into the body. PEMF is a long time, ​tried, approved​ and trusted form of therapy for a wide range of things. However, you cannot really compare PEMF to BEMER because the BEMER signal is what makes it light years ahead of anything else which is why the studies (see below) approve its efficacy over and above anything else​. For instance, PEMF is maximum 300 simulations per second, whereas BEMER is 1,200 simulations per second. Once again, PEMF is the carrier for the proprietary BEMER signal. There is nothing on the market or available today in any way, shape or form that can increase circulation like BEMER! The Circulatory System, is the river of life. It supplies oxygen, water and nutrients to the cells and disposes of waste. Poor blood flow can cause a variety of health problems.

BEMER is​ a FDA Class I registered therapy device with 5 world-wide patents, multiple science awards, has undergo numerous medical studies​​ ( and is approved and used in 40+​ countries for 20 years now, with over one​ 1.6 million+ users worldwide, used in hospitals, clinics, health centers, athletes and now available to the public and recently introduced to the American market. BEMER is engineered in Germany at the institute of microcirculation and manufactured in Liechtenstein (next to Switzerland), their full website can be found at

People were finding so much success with the Bemer that they started using it on their animals, including horses, but was not easy to do because of all the wires and computer. That’s when Bemer decided to design a special battery operated horse therapy blanket! The BEMER VETERINARY LINE came out in October 2016 and was voted most innovative horse device of Europe at the Equitana in Germany at the beginning of 2017. Our own American Linda Tellington Jones, horse trainer, teacher and author of 21 books, is the Ambassador for the BEMER VET line.

NASA loved the BEMER signal so much, that they partnered with BEMER last year to weave the​ BEMER technology into the astronaut'​s space suits. I am attaching that agreement so you can see for yourself. As you probably know, the astronauts suffer when they leave the earth's gravitation pull and loose muscle and bone density and come back with other health issues their bodies are experiencing for years to come, if not for the rest of their lives​. NASA researched to find the best PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) signal, to be the BEMER signal which is unlike any other.​ Because of the international patents were strong​, NASA went into a​ joint venture with BEMER to utilize the technology.


BEMER VET is a very lightweight and easy to use horse therapy blanket with a separate applicator for legs or neck that has the BEMER signal woven in (like the spacesuits for the astronauts).

The battery and control unit are integrated wirelessly and has up to 15 to 20 applications per battery charge.

It is intuitive and simple to operate with 3 preset programs of 5, 10 or 15 minutes (low, medium, deep penetration), yes that's it! No more hours long of therapy blankets. You can give many horses top notch therapy in a short amount of time.

The blanket is sizeable to each horse with 3 adjustable straps and is resilient and easy to clean. Detailed information and videos about the horse blanket can found at


- Increases bloodflow

- Increases oxygen, water and nutrient absorption in the cells (repair)

- Faster removal of waste disposal in the cells and body (elimination of toxins)

- Increases cardiac function

- Increases physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy

- Increased concentration & focus

- Reduces stress at competition and transportation by regulating the nervous system


Increased performance, faster recovery and regeneration after exercise or competition , reduction of tissue damage and faster recovery after injury, stress reduction!

BEMER is scientifically proven with no negative side effects, non-invasive and thus safe to use. As a result, the horse's body can work more efficiently to heal itself, and feel more energetic.


To purchase your own therapy blanket:

- $4,950 (+ tax) FREE shipping

- 3 year warranty!

- Option to send back for a 10% restocking fee within 30 days of purchase

- Comes in a beautiful and handy bag to carry from stall to stall!

- Visit my website at for easy check-out

- You can also become a distributor on my BEMER TEAM, ask me how

- Ask about Rental options

As a Therapy Service by MD Equine Therapy: $ 30 for 1 session $250 for 10 sessions $ 15 when added with another therapy

*trip charge may apply

Mireille Doffegnies is an Independent Bemer Distributor (US49656) and is a presenter for the Bemer Veterinary Line at some of Bemer's Academies. She also hosts educational group or private classes about Bemer Therapy at her farm or yours.

Mireille Doffegnies

Certified Holistic Equine Therapist


Mobile: 727-251-4197

Her personal TESTIMONIAL:

I’ve been with horses my whole life. They’re not only my job, but also my largest passion. I’m a rider, trainer and a holistic equine therapist as a profession and certified in many holistic therapies such as sports massage, electro acupressure (tens unit), CranioSacral Therapy, Raindrop Treatment & Essential Oils, Kinesiology Taping, Microcurrent Therapy, Thermal Imaging, cold/red laser and also Respiratory Therapy. I was introduced to the BEMER VET in February 2017, I was a bit skeptical at first, but because of all the research, studies and testimonials on humans (and what works on humans, works on animals), as well as the easy to use concept, I decided to have a look and try it out on my own horses and patients alike. The horses LOVE the BEMER! It relaxes most of them within minutes and go into homeostasis state from there so the body can heal itself. They will often drop their head, rest the hind leg, lick, chew or yawn or all of the above. I see restless and anxious horses become more relaxed and focused, ready to do their job. I see tired horses rejuvenate real fast and have more energy and competition horses go the extra fence or mile with no problem. I witness skin issues disappear in no time and all of them will get a real shiny coat as well (that’s always a bonus). I also have patients with a much faster hoof growth with farriers wondering what we are doing different to get such good hoof wall and horses with thin mane and tail get luscious thickness. Soft tissue (muscle, tendon and ligament) and bone injuries heal much faster. Some horses will immediately detox, you can tell by their sweat marks and some will even go to the bathroom while they have the Bemer on (this is also a sign of relaxation). Some patients show results after one or a couple of sessions, some need more sessions for their body to repair. The best is that your horse uses it as often as possible, daily use is recommended, especially before, during and after competition time. Make sure the horse stays well hydrated because of the detoxification process in the cells. Watch your horse’s response and behavior when using the therapy blanket and never leave it unattended. You probably understand that it didn’t take me long to get my own BEMER VET for my own horses and patients. I can use just the Bemer by itself or combine it with any of my other therapies as it prepares the horses and enhances what's after. Very impressed with speeding up of recovery time of any on-going issue and more important, who doesn’t want more healthy and focused energy for their horse! I recommend it highly to anybody that has horses, no matter what level! It’s good for every horse, competition, pleasure, rescue, breeding and pasture horses alike. And one other advantage of Bemer Therapy? I get to help the rider and owner with their health as well!

Mireille Doffegnies - Certified Holistic EquineTherapist - Tampa, FL – May 2017


HOW TO USE VIDEO with Linda Tellington Jones for the Bemer Vet application



2-minutes bloodflow video before and after 1 BEMER session

HORSE BLOG TALK RADIO with Linda Tellington Jones and guest veterinarian

Every Thursday at noon (EST)

515-605-9877 (Hit 1 for questions / testimonials)

BEMER VET Webinar with Linda Tellington Jones and guest

Every Thursday at 9pm (EST)

FDA / FTC Disclaimer: Bemer products are in no way a substitute for medical care. Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition or disease. Please consult with your own veterinarian if your horse has a medical concern.

My results may not be typical, nor are they a representation of what you could experience. Representations may be based on the experiences of several horses and you may not have similar results. I am an independent Bemer Distributor and am paid by Bemer when I sell their products.

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