About Mireille


Mireille was born and raised among horses in the Netherlands. Horses have always been part of her life, as an owner, rider, trainer and an equine massage therapist. In 2000 she moved with her family, dog and Friesian / Dutch dressage horse from Holland to the United States. She now lives with much enjoyment in Ocala, FL. 

When her Dutch/Friesian dressage show mare got badly injured she wanted to assist her healing in a therapeutic and holistic way. This led her to go back to school and over the years become certified in Equine Sports Massage, Electro Acupressure, Microcurrent Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Laser Therapy, Raindrop Treatment, Craniosacral, Bemer PEMF Therapy, MyoFascial Release Therapy and Kinesiology Taping. She is a big believer in continued education and always exploring the different holistic & therapeutic modalities that support horse's overall health & well-being.

Mireille is extremely in tune with horses, not just physically, but also with their energy. It's like a second nature for her and horses immediately respond to her healing touch. 


"I own 3 horses that live with me and my family on the property and enjoy each and every moment I can spend with them. They are all 3 different breeds with different disciplines, build, needs and personalities. Each customer's horse I treat is also unique in it's own way and all tell me a different story. Communication with the horse through body & spirit and being able to listen are key in my therapy sessions".  ​

Top picture: Mireille on her grandfather's Shetland pony "Friso" in Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands, who held the smallest registered pony title. 

Bottom picture: Mireille riding her 20 year old Dutch Warmblood/Friesian cross mare "Pure Chocolate a,k.a. Maxette", which she rescued from a slaughter house in the Netherlands as a yearling and trained herself from the ground up to 4th level dressage. This picture was taken days before her accident.