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Hydrofera is a trusted, complete line of wound care products for humans and is making its name in the equestrian industry with its new product line, VetBlue. The VetBlue product suppresses proud flesh, is antibacterial, manages bioburden within the wound, turns white when it is time to change, creates natural negative pressure, and encourages autolytic debridement which breaks down dead/necrotic tissue within the wound bed. VetBlue’s effectiveness and ease of use have it poised to be the next staple item in any equestrian tack trunk and veterinary clinic.

Vetblue can be used for grab wounds, abscesses, punctures or cuts, surgical wounds, bacterial or yeast wounds, or summer sores.

Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties- VetBlue foams are effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms commonly found in wounds.

Levels the wound- VetBlue PVA foam flattens the wound edges and suppresses proud flesh.

Unique Foams-Powerful wicking Wicks bacteria-laden exudate into the foam and away from the wound surface.

Gently debrides devitalized tissue.

Epithelialize-Supports wound epithelialization, taking the wound to closure.

VetBlue Before & After.png

Vetblue PVA 

4 x 4 antibacterial foam pad dressing

$10 per Piece   /    $95 per box (10 pieces)

Antibacterial Tunneling dressing

$11 per piece 2 tunnels  /    $105 per box

Vetblue PU

4 x 5 antibacterial foam soft pad dressing

$12 per piece   / $110 per box (10 pieces)

VetBlue Brochure Page 2.png
VetBlue Brochure Page 3.png
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