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EquiThalasso® products were created & developed in Normandy by Equine Osteopath Bénédicte Lucazeau. Benedicte has specialized in equine osteopathy and physiotherapy for almost 20 years. Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of seawater in the form of marine products like algae, seaweed, and marine mud to promote health & wellness, specifically in the musculoskeletal system. The principle behind Thalassotherapy is that repeated immersion in warm seawater, marine mud, and protein-rich algae helps restore the body's natural chemical balance. The products are drug and testing-free and endorsed by many equine veterinarians and therapists. 


Leg Care: soothes tissues, drains, cools and relieves congestion and inflammation in joints (ex: tendinitis, sprains, osteoarthritis)

Body Care: allows for better muscular flexibility by relieving muscular tension and aches, improves suppleness by fortifying tendons and soft tissue before and after work 


*pricing does not include shipping

"Cryo Tendons" Paste

  • Cooling paste (this treatment will take the temperature down to 10 degrees)

  • Provides immediate relief to tendon and joint swelling post-trauma

  • Paste ready for use to be applied in a thin layer on the area which should be dry and clean. Leave on for 30-60 minutes or overnight, do not cover.


Ingredients: marina algae, mint



COMPETITION product image_edited.jpg

"Competition" Paste

  • Self-heating paste to be applied before and/or after exercise or competition to back, neck, shoulders, or hind quarters

  • Muscle relaxer, painkiller, and detoxifier


Ingredients: algae, sea salt, minerals, and trace elements

2.5kg powder / 4kg powder

$95 / $135

DRAINING-CLAY product image_edited.jpg

Draining Clay

  • Available in paste or powder mix

  • Recommended for draining and speeding up recovery of soft and hard problem areas (bone, joint, muscular)

  • Can stay on overnight, do not cover, do not apply on open wounds


Ingredients: a mixture of draining algae and high quality green clay

2.5kg powder / 4kg powder / 5kg clay

$96 / $105 / $140


Marine Shampoo

  • Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way.

  • High concentration of marine micronutrients and algae make for a glossy coat and better skin elasticity.


Ingredients: shampoo made from marine algae, lavender, rosemary, and apple

1litr liquid


MARINE mud product image_edited.jpg

Marine Mud

  • Designed to relieve osseous and muscular pathologies (osteoarthritis, sprains, inflammation)

  • Can be applied anywhere on the body, do not apply to open wounds, and do not cover. Allow to dry completely, rinse off or leave overnight


Ingredients: algae, water, kaolin, talc, natural marine sediments, rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron

4kg clay



Algae Massage Oil

  • Brings the benefits of marine algae to those of massage for your horse

  • Use before and after competition

  • Quick drying, leaves no greasy feel


Ingredients: mineral oil and seaweed

500ml liquid


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