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AcuLife by LifeWave is a pain-relief technology designed for horses that includes a WHITE patch, a TAN patch, and a bead. The white patch has a positive signal while the tan patch has a negative signal. Just like with humans, the right side of your horse’s body is positive while the left side is negative.

With horses, it’s important to know that bad behavior is not always a mental issue; the majority of the time it is caused by pain.

AcuLife is an incredible new technology designed to provide natural pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for your horse.

How does AcuLife work?

Your horse’s body has pressure points just like humans. LifeWave’s new technology gently stimulates points on the skin to improve the body’s energy flow for natural relief of aches and pains. When applying the patches on your horse, simply take a bead and place it on the adhesive side of a white patch, and put it on the right side of your horse in a specific location stated in the AcuLife Instructions for Use. Repeat this procedure with a bead and a tan patch, but place it on the left side of your horse at the same location you placed the white patch.

AcuLife Advantages

  • No drugs, stimulants, magnets, or needles are used to enter the body

  • Safe and natural pain relief

  • Fast results

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Can be used for whole-body or localized pain

  • Very affordable on a cost-to-use basis versus other methods of pain management

  • Convenient and easy to use

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