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"...But, since you have been with us, he has not missed a meal at any show. He is calmer. If he gets wound up, I can help him with oils or sacral-cranial stuff. He no longer comes home and acts colicky for days after the show. Ya know, sometimes the "Win" doesn't come with a blue ribbon. Thank you for everything!"

-Jill Barrera

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"...Highly recommended and we will be a forever client."

-Jennifer West

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Jennifer West
Loveland Family and horses

"Mireille is a true blessing & the BEST thing to happen to both of our horses & family! ... We highly recommend Mireille and her services to anyone!"

-The Loveland Family

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"I am so thankful for Mireille! I truly don't know what we would do without her. I was looking for a wonderful massage therapist for my 14-year-old standardbred, and found an amazing horsewoman who is helping us with so much more! After just 2 sessions I feel I have my sweet boy back. We are clients for life. Thank you for everything, Mireille!"

-Christy Watts Lasso

Christy Watts Lasso
Devin Nelson

"I absolutely can't say enough good things about these therapies! This is one of the best things I could have found to do for my horse, my gelding suffered a severe crosstie accident 2 almost 3 years ago now and was never really the same, these therapies gave me my horse back. I highly recommend."

-Devin Nelson

"Mireille has helped my horse Paige so much! The first time she came out she was very sore in her back area and by the next time she came out it was like night and day! I highly recommend."

-Sara Schneider

Sara Schneider
Christina Wright
horse Stormy

"...I will be forever grateful for the compassionate care given to my Stormy and the smile on both my horse's and daughter's face as a result!"

- Christina Wright

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"Mireille is a true professional and really cares about the horses. Through her dedication, she was able to help diagnose an injury to one of my horses that had taken place 3 years previous and had been mis-diagnosed by a vet and 2 chiropractors. She is now treating my horse with positive results!"

-Stephanie Ghingher

Stephanie Ghingher
horse of Jan Meehan

"The therapies and services provided by MD equine services were thorough and very effective, professionally done, enlightening as Mireille explains the why and why not of everything she does. We joked she should have a horse and trainer package to fix both sides."

- Jan Meehan

              Race Horse Trainer

"Mireille is a blessing and so glad I found her... She has given my pony a new life and hoping to where I can take her off the steroids and drugs completely. You will not be disappointed and I am going to have her start working with a quarter horse mare that tends to have thin soles and slight laminitis. She is a godsend and I am so grateful having her start working on my pony and horses."

- Debbie Nadeau

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Debbie Nadeau
Debra Cangilosi

"...Chloe loves Mireille and enjoys every session with her. I am grateful she is part of Team Chloe!"

- Debra Cangialosi

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"My 21 yr old Morgan is responding so positively to MD modalities. PEMF is so relaxing and healing, Young Living Essential Oils massage and Rain drop therapy plus Mireille's magical massages. Happy happy horse!"

- Roxanne Gerry

Roxanne Gerry
Smokey0310 (1).jpg

"...The amount of care and treatment Mireille provides far exceeds her very reasonable rates. She's a very generous and caring person who always goes above and beyond to help whether it be at a therapy session or for a question or assistance in-between visits. Mireille is a special person who is truly gifted and I highly recommend her services."

- Debbie Storey

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"...I am happy to say she is doing fantastic. Jubilee is back in our riding program and is doing amazing under saddle. I really believe Jubilee wouldn't be around without her therapies."

-BAKAS Equestrian Center Horses for Handicapped

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Jubilee in Bemer.jpg

"It is always heartbreaking when one of your precious horses is ill and a conventional Veterinarian is not able to find answers.  This is the situation which leads me to MD Equine Therapy and Mireille...Thank you, Mireille and MD Equine Therapy, you are the best..."

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"...She spent a long time with us during both visits and made sure that I didn’t have any questions. Beyond that, she has such an incredible sense and way of working with the horses, I felt like my boy truly enjoyed it. I am so glad I decided to work with her and I will absolutely be a lifelong customer!"

-Ciara Myers

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Ciara Myers.jpg
Raven & Kim.JPG

"My horse Raven is 28 years old and suffered from a large wound on his hind leg. For many months we followed recommended protocols such as topicals, antibiotics, debriding proud flesh, wrapping, but with little to no improvement. Needless to say, Raven gets regular therapy now from Mireille and at  28 and am so thankful for Mireille of MD Equine, I have my horse back!"

- Kim Swerdloff

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No Fault of Mine racehorse patient.jpg

No Fault Of Mine

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