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Flexineb® is a portable equine nebulizer trusted by equine professionals around the world for fast, safe, and effective transfer of medication for respiratory conditions in horses. It operates silently and without the inconvenience of cumbersome hoses and electrical cords.



A better alternative.

Does your horse suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, airway irritation, and inflammation? Would your horses improve their performance with clearer airways?


Flexineb's innovative equine nebulizer is silent, portable, comfortable, compact, efficient, affordable, and simple to use.


The Flexineb E3 System is a portable, silent, highly effective equine nebulizer that delivers aerosolized medications and natural therapies to the airways of the horse. The soft flexible mask fits over the face of the horse and creates a seal by tightening the strap around the head. Since the battery is rechargeable, the Flexineb unit may be placed on the horse while walking so that deeper respiratory function is encouraged.

Launched in 2020, the Flexineb E3 controller is the new and improved version of Flexineb.

New E3 Features:

  • 3-user selectable modes depending on the medication being administered

  • Optimized performance with improved auto-tuning and dry med cup detection

  • Automatically turns off after 35 minutes

  • 6 hours battery life

  • The inside mask circumference is 20"


This complete Flexineb system provides everything required including:

  • 10 Milliliter Standard Flow Medication Cup

  • 20 Milliliter Extension Cup

  • Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Adaptor

  • Aerosol Holding Chamber

  • Inlet Valve Kit

  • Exit Valve Kit 

  • Flexineb E3 Controller Kit

  • Battery

  • Battery Connector Cable

  • Flexineb 120 Volt Charger System

  • 16.9 Fluid Ounces

  • 9% Saline Solution

  • Mask Strap

  • Blue Soft Shell Mask

  • User's Guide and Carrying Case

FLEXINEB Revolutionary Nebulizer Technology


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