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Microcurrent therapy is the application of extremely low-level electrical stimulation to provide pain relief and promote tissue healing. Human and Equine Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers have been using microcurrent therapy since the 1980s to provide their clients with pain relief from:

  • Acute soft tissue injuries

  • Chronic soft tissue discomfort

  • Chronic skeletal discomfort

The Microlief® Unit consists of one Microcurrent Power Supply snapped onto one pair of Microcurrent Electrodes. The Electrodes are specifically designed to transmit the mild electrical current generated by the Power Supply. The Electrodes are placed on either side of a painful area. Optionally, one Electrode can be placed over the problem area. Microlief® does not have an on/off switch. The Power Supply is activated whenever good electrical contact through gel* is present. A blinking red (LED) light on the Power Supply is the only visual indicator the current is flowing. If good contact through the gel is not present, the unit will not turn on. The Power Supply built-in battery provides up to 300 hours of treatment time.

*Extra electrical conductivity gel is required in order to activate the Power Supply through the equine hair coat.



How does Microlief® work?

A small amount of low-level electrical current continuously flows from one electrode to the other through the painful area.  The horse does not feel any discomfort because the current closely matches the body’s own low-level electrical frequency. The current stimulates natural healing processes within the cells of the painful area. Pain relief may be experienced within minutes. Microlief® can be continuously worn for 5 days if necessary. Microlief® can also be used to assist with the recovery from serious injuries that have extended healing timeframes.

Competition Prep & Recovery

  • Microlief® can be used to help a horse feel it’s best for a competition or hard workout.

  • Microlief® can be applied 48 hours prior to the event and left in place until moments before the horse enters the arena or steps onto the track.

  • Likewise, Microlief® can be used after an event to help prevent the next day regional soreness, inflammation, swelling, and/or lameness that performance horses often experience.

Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

  • Provides natural pain relief for muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

  • Reduces the need for NSAIDs.

  • Stimulates natural healing processes within the body to speed up the timeframe for injury healing and reduce “down” time.

  • Assists in recovery from acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles.

  • Gives the owner/manager more control over the healing process and reduces the need for additional therapies


Microlief® Basic Kit

  • 1 Microcurrent Power Supply (provides 300 hours of treatment)

  • 2 Pair 4.5″ Electrodes

  • 2 Pair 3.3″ Electrodes

  • 2 fl. oz. Conductivity Gel

  • Directions/Warnings


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