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BEMER - PEMF Therapy

The BEMER Horse Set is a full body, neck and leg application using Pulse Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to carry the patented BEMER signal (wavelength) into the body. BEMER increases microcirculation, oxygen, and the transportation of important nutrients into the tiniest vessels and cells while removing waste products & toxins. Therefore your horse can perform, recover, regenerate and relax better.


CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

CST is a gentle, hands-on type of bodywork that focuses on restoring the balance and rhythm of the nervous and muscular-skeletal systems that can be affected due to physical or emotional trauma, stress, or injury.

Cryotherapy Example 1


Subzero Therapy using pressurized CO2 to target specific areas of the horse such as joints (hock, stifle, pastern, fetlock), but also other areas like neck and back muscles, resulting in optimal range of motion while reducing pain.

Equine Cryotherapy is astonishingly effective within a short timeframe

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Coming soon "Equine Hair Scan"

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Equine Microcurrent Therapy by Microlief (EMT)

Equine Microcurrent Therapy by Microlief is the application of low levels of electrical stimulation to muscles, tendons, and ligaments that penetrate the cell walls to provide pain relief and stimulate soft tissue healing. The electrical currents are set at approximately the same level as the normal electrical exchanges in the horse's body's cellular system, 49u microamps.

Sport Massage.jpg

Equine Sports Massage (ESM)

Equine Sports Massage (ESM) is the therapeutic application of hands-on massage techniques for the purpose of relieving muscle tension and soreness, increasing circulation and blood flow, relieving muscle spasms, improving flexibility and range of motion, increasing performance, decreasing the risk of injury, speeding up recovery time after injury and giving the horse a better feeling of well-being.


EquiThalasso Therapy (ETT)

Application of localized or full-body all-natural clays made entirely from natural raw materials extracted from the sea, using EquiThalasso products imported from France. These drugs, testing free high-quality lab-certified products provide a variety of benefits for your horse's performance and recovery in the musculoskeletal system.


Kinesiology Taping "Rocktape"

Kinesiology Tape is a special adhesive tape that interacts with the skin and the associated neurosensory mechanoreceptors. The different techniques decompress the tissue allowing for increased circulation, increasing joint and muscle range, and supporting muscle memory, ligament, tendon, and joint use.


Light & Laser Therapy 

Light & Laser Therapy supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light that penetrate through the different layers of the body, causing an increase in cellular metabolism which assists in healing. Can be especially used for wound healing, fungus issues, scar tissue reduction,  increased hair growth, and soft tissue injuries. 

Myofacial Release.jpg

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Equine Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain, unwinding neuromuscular holding patterns, and restore motion in the soft tissue and skeletal alignment.

Raindrop Peter 2.jpg

Raindrop / Essential Oil Therapy (ERT)

Equine Raindrop Therapy is a holistic application of 12 different Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils using a variety of massage techniques onto specific parts of the horse's body, primarily the meridians (pathways of energy flows) to detox and strengthen their immune system, re-align their spine, relieve muscle soreness & spasms, and reduce stress and anxiety. Mireille is an official YL Distributor (#1617231) and can also put together specific oils for you and/or your horse's personal needs, such as allergy problems, skin conditions, arthritic pains, and much more.

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Respiratory Therapy

Application of a traditional or flexineb nebulizer using saline or 100% natural silver solution, a veterinary antimicrobial that destroys microorganisms giving immediate relief from colds, coughs, infections, allergies, bleeding, or C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). We can also follow up with 100% natural therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

SURE-FOOT with horse.jpg

SureFoot Therapy

Surefoot Equine Stability pads aid your horse in changing posture, behavior, and movement while improving balance, confidence, and performance in just a few minutes. The pads give in under the horse’s weight, bringing his attention to where he is placing his feet and providing new information to the balancing part of his nervous system.


TENS Therapy 

Equine Electro Acupressure (EEA) is the stimulation of muscle tissue and/or equine acupoints on the meridians (pathways of energy flows) with mild electrical current (TENS unit) in order to relieve pain, stimulate muscles, promote circulation, and correct imbalances of the energy flow without the use of drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures.


Thermal Imaging

Using a FLIR E8 camera, this non-invasive imaging technique is designed to measure differences in the surface temperature of the horse to detect areas of heat or inflammation and cold and reduced blood flow in the muscular, skeletal, vascular, and nervous systems. It assists in diagnosing, preventing, and treating a specific area.

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