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What is LTS?
The Equine LTS, has its foundation in NASA LED research. The evolution within Light Emitting Diode (LED), has been exponential since 2002. The Equine LTS is using 3 different wavelengths and colored LED Chips,  not the old fashioned light emitting diode bulbs, for a more streamlined look and 120 degrees light. The LED chips are mounted on a flexible strip, pre-wired with resistors and coated with a water resistant silicon top, to maintain durability and easy cleaning. The LED strips are powered by a 12V rechargeable battery and only needs to be used 5 minutes twice a day. The wavelength of the LED’s used in the LTS range from 450-900nm, specifically blue light with 450nm, deep red light 660nm and near infrared light 850nm. According to studies done by H. Wheeler et. al. these are the wave length which has the greatest effect on the living tissue and increases the regeneration of cells up to 200% 

The Science behind Photon Energy

As light goes from one energy level, to a lower energy level, a photon is released. The released photon, from light within the specific weave lengths of 450nm,660nm and 850nm are then absorbed by the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the power plant of the cells, it's here the ATP (energy) is produced. The photon stimulates the energy being metabolized, in the muscles and the bones, along with the epidermis. The LED treatment promotes accelerated normal healing and regeneration of the tissue. But will not produce overgrowth or neoplastic transformation in the tissue. Thereby shortening the duration of recovery after an injury, by promotion accelerated healing in the tissue, reducing pain and inflammation in soft tissue and joints.


The Benefits of Blue Light

The photons of blue light with a wavelength of 450nm, will penetrate the surface of the epidermis by 0.3mm. Already being used by numerous companies, for the treatment of acne, reduction of scares, promoting hair growth for the prevention of hair loss, and rejuvenation of the epidermis. Along with promoting rapid healing of a diabetic leg wound, with very good results.


The Benefits of Red Light

The deep red light, with a wavelength of 660nm, will pass the epidermis and into the underlying muscles and ligaments, with as much as 23cm. Delivering the photon energy, to increase cell growth with as much as 140-200%, thereby decreasing wound size with more than 36%. The Improvement of musculoskeletal was greater than 40%, in injured Navy SEAL team members. Along with a 47% reduction of pain, in children with oral mucositis. Additionally the anti-inflammatory effects in wounds, muscles and joints of red LED's with a wavelength of 660nm, has been well documented.


The Benefits of Infrared and Near-infrared Light

Infrared (IR) light and near-infrared light with a wavelength of 780nm - 900nm is close to invisible to the human eye. IR light penetrates the deepest into soft tissue and bones and has been proven in numerous researches to lessen skeletal muscle fatigue in humans, along with shortening the recovery time after strenuous exercise.

Both acute and sub-acute wounds in various stages of edema and degrees of infection, shows accelerated healing, when being treated daily with near-IR LED's on the afflicted area, along with a reduction of pain after the first or second treatment, without any side effects from the treatment and very little scar tissue after the wounds has healed up.



  • Wound healing: fast healing, minimization of scar tissue, increased hair growth

  • Fungus: anti-bacterial blue light

  • Blunt trauma: reduces swelling & soreness

  • Muscle injuries: increases healing processes and reduces restitution time

  • Ligament injuries: healing time reduction and scar tissue reduction




We can provide a user-manual on request. See the contact button below.


LTS Leg Wrap

This flexible leg wrap (30x40 cm)

is perfectly contoured to fit the cannon bone of the horse snuggly.

With a collective output at 3780mW and a treatment time of 3-5 minutes on the legs. The Equine LTS can be used on ligament injuries, reduction of lactic acid in muscles after training, wound heling, muscle injuries/soreness, pain reduction etc.

Will be delivered with 1 rechargeable battery, 1 charger and in a logo bag.

1 leg wrap



I-Series Recovery LTS

​The I-Serie Recovery LTS, specifically developed for ligament injuries. The I-Serie Recovery LTS only has infrared lights, 810nm and 850nm, for a more specified, intense treatment. The treatment time is prolonged, to deliver a constant energy load, to the area of injury. Thereby promoting faster recovery, by continuously providing energy to the cells!

Treatment time: 10-15 minutes on the area of injury, 2 or 3 times a day. For rehabilitation: 10 minutes before and after training.

Includes rechargeable 12V battery, charger and carrying bag.

1 wrap



Equine LTS Topline Action

Topline Action is for the top line of the horse. The device is 100cm x 130cm, with 9 meters of LED light in 4 different wavelengths.

Topline is made in neoprene and has a dirt and water resistant front, for easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

It comes in a carrying bag and there’s included 1 12V rechargeable battery and charger.

Topline Action is a custom made item. 14 days delivery**. By request, name and/or logo can be added at no extra charge.

With rush delivery, there will be a 15% additional charge.




Equine LTS 2.0 Neoprene

p covers the entire lower leg on a large horse (40x40 cm) and has a Collective output at 6480mW and a treatment time of 3 minutes on the legs and 5 minutes for the larger muscle groups. 


The Equine LTS 2.0 in neopren is 1 piece per order, and will be delivered with 1 rechargeable battery, 1 charger and in a logo bag.

1 leg wrap



Hock Wrap LTS

​The Hock Wrap LTS can be purchased as a pair or individual as left or right.


It is specifically developed for the hock, fore knee and felt lock. It has a perfect passform, to be fixated above and below a joint, without damaging the LTS.

There’s 3 different wavelengths of LEDs, 730nm, 810nm and 850nm. Which makes the Hock Wrap LTS optimal for the treatment of joint injuries and arthritis in the joint.

The treatment time is 5 minutes.


Included are a rechargeable battery, battery charger and a logo bag.

1piece (left or right)



R-Serie Topline Back

The R-series are specifically developed for the large muscle of the body. Using only near infrared and infrared LED lights, to optimise the absorption of energy into the cells.

For faster recovery of the muscles, by eliminating lactic acid buildup, after a strenuous workout.


Will be delivered with 1 rechargeable battery and 1 charger.


The R-Serie Pro is a custom made item. 14 days delivery**. By request, name and/or logo can be added at no extra charge. 

With rush delivery, there will be a 15% additional charge.




Pony LTS

Pony LTS, is a smaller version of the popular Equine LTS 2.0 in neopren.


The Pony LTS is 30x30 cm and has the same effect as the Equine LTS 2.0. Ideal for pony/cob’s with short thin, for a better fit. There’s velcro straps, for easy attachment around the legs. Treatment time is 3-5 minutes on the legs and 5-10 minutes on the larger muscle groups.


Includes rechargeable 12V battery, charger and carrying bag.

1 leg wrap



R-Serie Pro Neck

The Equine LTS R-Serie Pro, is developed in collaboration with veterinary doctor Bettina Købke, whom has a long and impressive resume as veterinary practioner.​

The R-serie Pro is developed for the veterinarians and therapists, as a supplement to treat muscle tension, sore muscles and getting rid of toxins after a treatment. 


The R-Serie Pro is 100x45 cm, it’s fitted with a nylon belt, to ensure a secure fit. Included is a rechargeable battery and charger. The inside is made of high quality scuba diving neopren, which easily can be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol, to minimise transfers of bacteria. The outsiden is made of high durable nylon, for a nice glossy look and easy maintenance. 


The R-Serie Pro is a custom made item. 14 days delivery**. By request, name and/or logo can be added at no extra charge. 

With rush delivery, there will be a 15% additional charge.



*this pricing does not include tax and shipping & handling and may fluctuate due to exchange conversion and/or special promotions


**special order only

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