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EternaPure / Summit Joint Performance offers the purest form of chondroitin 4-sulfate ever developed.

It is naturally derived and has a low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate barriers of the body with ease. Summit was originally developed for use in human corneal transplant surgeries. Doctors and scientists were looking for a product that would reduce inflammation in the eye after surgery. Later, after additional research, it was discovered to have incredible effects on the joints of horses as well.

Ascending to the highest peaks of performance takes time, dedication, and skill. Whether a hobbyist, trainer, or professional athlete, the formula is the same. However, the higher the peaks, the greater the physical demands are on the animal. Apparent natural physical limits are reached, putting the goal of peak performance out of reach. Summit Joint Performance can put you and your horse or dog back on track to view the world from the SUMMIT.

Product Details

  • Contains only pure Chondroitin 4-Sulfate and sterile water

  • No contraindications for pregnancy or other conditions

  • One-year shelf life

  • Requires no refrigeration not affected by heat or cold

  • All shipments include needles and syringes

  • Safe even for the daily administration

  • Increases comfort, mobility, and performance

  • FEI and USEF compliant


SUMMIT Max Equine 


starting from $36 per dose

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