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Choice Of Champions International

- supplements for a healthy horse -


For over a decade, Choice of Champions has been thoughtfully and passionately building their product line.

Their efforts have earned them the support of world-class riders in every discipline. Every day horsemen trust them to help keep their horses healthy and happy. Choice of Champions products are used at the Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, Rolex 3-day event, AQHA World Show, Pan American Games, USEF Shows, National Reined Cow Horse Associates Events, International Hunter Derbies, and in leading Thoroughbred racing stables. Choice of Champions products works and works fast. The best interest is at the heart of what we do. We listen closely to owners and riders to find solutions to help horses flourish. MD-Equine Therapy is proud to be a distributor of this product line.


SuperDerm Solution

Helps restore skin due to stress from dermatitis, hot spots, fungus, mange, abrasions and other skin intrusions. It’s non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, safe for human contact, hypoallergenic, biodegradeable and has no dyes or perfumes.

30oz spray bottle



Lung Aid

Supports the horse’s respiratory system and oxygen utilization, promotes recovery from seasonal allergies and helps promote stamina. Helps enhance exercise tolerance, normal cardiac output and supports normal integrity, function and circulation of the lungs while strengthening the walls of the capillaries in the lungs. A horse that breathes better, feels and performs better.

45 day supply



True Sweat

“Anhidrosis”, the failure to sweat or insufficient sweating, reduces a horse’s ability to perform.


True Sweat supports normal sweating process and brain function, contains ingredients known to help maintain a healthy nervous system.

45 day supply



Super Joint Solution

Contains the optimal ingredients to help maintain health throughout the body. Each ingredient in this easy to use formula helps provide the building blocks for synovial fluid, cartilage and connective tissue.

1 Quart / Half Gallon / 1 Gallon

$100 / $180 / $325


Easy Does It

Helps promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without the drowsiness.


Recommended by veterinarians.

box of 12 tubes



U Shield

Supports digestion and the absorption of ingredients. This product maintains a healthy intestinal tract and promotes normal PH. Add to your horse’s daily regime to promote shiny coat, healthy weight, appetite and calm temperament.

1 Quart / Half Gallon / 1 Gallon

$23 / $35 / $66

"My imported Friesian / Dutch Warmblood mare always had a hard time sweating living in Florida because it's hot all the time and her body cannot regulate itself very well. After a severe injury 4 years ago she could not be ridden for 2 years and unfortunately became a chronic non-sweater being really uncomfortable in the summer months. Over the years I tried different diets, many supplements, acupuncture, etc. but nothing helped. I was to the point to ship her up north where she could be more comfortable and have 4 seasons again, but she has been with me her whole life (23 years now) and we are very attached. 2 months ago I met Allyn Maix of Choice of Champions and she gave me her products "True Sweat and Lung Aid" to try out. As you can imagine I was very skeptical because nothing had worked so far. I followed Allyn's recommendations on how to use the products and after 4 weeks she not only started sweating under saddle during light exercise (that's all she's allowed after her injury) but was also sweating when I got her out of the pasture on a hot day. The best is that she's not huffing and puffing trying to get air and she is comfortable and happy. Thank you Allyn for walking into our lives, not hard to say that I highly recommend Choice of Champions products!"

-Mireille Doffegnies C.E.S.M.T.
Equine Therapist & Bodyworker
MD-Equine Therapy
November 2017

Mireille Doffegnies on her horse Maxette
Results of Choice of Champions® Products
Results of Choice of Champions® Products
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