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* Rapid stabilization of core temperature
* Effective for treatment of injuries
* Quicker recovery during shows and events
* Alleviates symptoms of Anhidrosis
* Support for horses with Cushings, Laminitis, and other ailments
* Cooling solution during transportation 

Equi Cool Down is the portable and better way to chill out.

Wherever you are – home, on the road, even on the trail, if your horse gets overheated, Equi Cool Down has the revolutionary answer with our cooling products for horses and humans. Wet your Equi Cool Down wraps and towels with ANY water – even hot – and it instantly chills down to start transferring heat away from your horse’s body. (And yours, too!)

Equi Cool Down – Provides a patented, revolutionary cooling technology for horses and riders!

NO Gels!

NO Beads!

NO Frozen Inserts!

NO Tissue Damage!

Patented Cooling Technology

Safe to use directly on your horse’s body, the innovative wraps are ideal for every equestrian.

  • Full Body Wrap

  • Neck Wrap

  • Hock Wrap

  • Knee Wrap

  • Leg Wrap

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